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Baren-Boym Company was founded in 1996 by Michael Barenboym. Prior to establishing the company Michael has served in senior mechanical engineering and managerial positions in the biomedical device companies. Over the years, and after completing hundreds of projects, Baren-Boym Company would come to be known as the “Sure Thing” no matter how challenging the projects. During this time we have received many design excellence awards for our work including Medical Design Excellence award, Opus Design award and others. From strategy and concept through engineering and realization, a partnership with Baren-Boym is characterized by the way our multidisciplinary teams collaborate with you to bring clarity to complex situations. Informed by a deep understanding of needs and aspirations, and driven by a passion for what comes next, we deliver robust technical solutions and thoughtful innovation to help our clients connect with people.

Why us?

What makes us so different from other product design companies? Historically Baren-Boym Company has positioned itself as an in-depth engineering group with added industrial design capabilities. We don’t just design the product we engineer it. Design elegance is not just how the product looks and feels but how efficiently it is engineered. During the design process we concentrate on multi-functionality of the structural components in mechanisms; we pay attention to ease of assembly and serviceability. We are often below the cost target because of the ingenious simplicity in our engineering decisions and solutions. To compliment our engineering excellence there is a group of world renowned industrial designers and artists whos design are recognised by many awards. Every project is led by one person responsible for the final outcome. As a result we have succeeded in all our projects and we have gained tremendous respect and trust from our customers.


Baren-Boym Company provides expertise in the areas of Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Design and Embedded Software development. Our specialties include but are not limited to medical device design, production automated lines and machines, consumer product development, and sporting goods. Baren-Boym develops complete embedded systems, including PC board design and embedded programming for our clients’ specific applications and products. In addition to building systems from the ground up, we also upgrade and retrofit preexisting designs. In the medical device area our experience includes but is not limited to: Cardiovascular devices, Surgical Instruments, Dental Equipment, OB/GYN devices, Endoscopies Instrumentation, Trocars, Microvasive Urology devices, Catheters, Disposable medical connectors, Blood/ Bone marrow collection devices, Fibrin glue atomizers, Blood pumps, Centrifuges, Laboratory Equipment, Drug Testing Equipment. Our extensive portfolio also includes capital equipment designs, automated production lines designs, welding equipment designs, electronic packaging and many more projects. All our design work is supported with analytical calculations and Finite Element Analysis in the areas of Linear and Non Linear Finite Element Analysis, Electromagnetic Problems, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Mold Flow analysis, Metal Casting Simulation, Thermal Modeling, Motion Simulation.