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The PM-1000 mounts on the Canon MA-100 XLR microphone adapter and can be installed in place of or in addition to the bracket furnished with the MA-100. The DC-900 cable furnished with the XL1 is used to connect the PM-1000 to the XL1. The PM-1000 has three red LEDs that indicate the current battery voltage, 12, 11.5, and 11 volts. This will give an indication of the remaining available battery runtime. The manual suggests that with the 2.0 amp-hour Panasonic battery you will have about 5-10 minutes left when the 11-volt LED goes out. The visual battery indicator on the XL1 is disconnected when an external power source (something other than a Lithium ion battery in the battery compartment) such as the DC-900 cord is used, so the LEDs are the most effective and efficient way to display battery status. Baren-Boym has provided mechanical engineering services for multiple accessories for Cannon-XL1 camera.

Client – Dolgin Engineering Inc