EFIRM Design

EFIRM Design team has been created to address all projects related to electronics design, embedded software and hardware development.

Baren-Boym develops complete embedded systems, including PCB design and embedded programming for our clients’ specific applications and products. In addition to building systems from the ground up, we also upgrade and retrofit preexisting designs

  • Custom HW Design
    • Embedded HW development from the concept/spec phase to market phase.
    • We provide with design, analysis, simulation, schematics, debugging and full manufacturing package.
    • Our expertise in HW design:
      • Analog/Digital board design
      • PIC, ARM, DMI, Freescale, Intel, Cortex, DMI, Atmel, Renesas, etc…
      • High Power design
      • Medical Grade – High Voltage Power supplies
      • Design for EMC compliance (EMI/RFI)
      • Wireless systems and applications
      • Low Power electronics design
  • Embedded SW Development
    • Custom development and porting of legacy code.
    • Embedded application development in C, C++ and assembler
    • Embedded device driver development in C and assembler.
    • Embedded web development in HTML, PHP, JavaScript
    • Communication protocols
      • RS232, RS485, I2C, SPI, CAN, USB, Ethernet etc
      • Smart/SIM card protocol (ISO7816, GSM/UICC STK/SAT), Bluetooth, WiFi, sub-1GHz RF transceivers, battery powered devices, reliability test, Embedded RTOS(freeRTOS) and GUI(emWin)
    • Drivers
  • Custom SW Design
    • Embedded QT as the user interface (GUI) for new product platforms
    • GUI implementation on Windows based devices, XP/CE embedded
    • Drivers
    • Firmware
    • Boot Loaders